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The benefits of Renata França® lymphatic drainage for pregnant women

Un femme ceinte assise en tailleur sur le sol avec une petit brindille devant son ventre.
Drainage lymphatique enceinte - Natalia Deriabina ©

Lymphatic drainage using the Renata França® method is a massage designed to encourage lymph (and blood!) circulation. It can help relieve the first symptoms of fluid oedema and/or the sensation of heavy legs in pregnant women. This sensation may be completely new, linked to pregnancy, or on the contrary already known and accentuated during this period rich in changes for the body.

Lymphatic drainage for pregnant women

Pregnant lymphatic drainage is possible! Lymphatic drainage using the Renata França® method is a highly dynamic massage of the lower limbs (legs), upper limbs (arms) and abdomen. However, during pregnancy, the abdomen will obviously not be massaged. From the beginning of pregnancy until the birth of the child, the mother-to-be's stomach should not be touched. Nevertheless, the rest of the body certainly deserves a little relief!

Pregnancy massage: How do you drain a pregnant woman?

In the Renata França® method, the protocol consists of following the loop of the lymphatic circuit which extends over the whole body.

Lymphatic circuit diagram

Schéma système lymphatique du corps humain
Schéma système lymphatique

However, during pregnancy, it is imperative not to drain the abdomen, in order to leave the foetus alone in its development. Having said that, the rest of the body (legs, arms and face) can be drained in the same way as during manual drainage using the classic Renata França® method.

Drainage for pregnant women : Light and supple legs

Lymphatic drainage using the Renata França® technique, as the name suggests, is a massage designed to speed up the naturally slow circulation of lymph and blood by using pumping movements of the lymph nodes (small filters shown in the diagram above) and stretching the fluid.

The deep tissue aspect of the Renata França® technique targets both the blood vessels and the lymphatic vessels, which are relatively superficial. This is precisely the innovation of this technique, which does not neglect either of the two organ systems responsible for the various discomforts.

Lymphatic drainage using the Renata França® method mainly helps to relieve oedema and congestion (water retention) in the legs, ankles and arms (and even the breasts), to re-oxygenate and nourish the tissues, and to soften the skin to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. It also stimulates the immune system, as lymph is where white blood cells are formed. All this contributes to an overall sense of well-being at the end of the session.

Un femme enceinte entrain de tenir son ventre entre ses deux mains
Femme enceinte - SeventyFour ©

Lymph drainage after childbirth

Recommendations for lymphatic drainage after childbirth depend mainly on the mode of delivery. A woman who has given birth by caesarean section will not be able to benefit from manual lymphatic drainage using the Renata França® method until the scarring is complete, which generally takes 3 to 4 months.

Patience is therefore required to avoid the formation of a liquid bulge around the scar, as the drainage movements over the abdomen are quite strong and repetitive, moving towards the lower abdomen.

Pregnant women who have had a vaginal delivery can return for drainage as soon as they feel ready. However, it is preferable to wait between 15 days and 3 weeks before resuming a drainage session, and it is advisable to inform the practitioner of this period so that she can adapt the pressure accordingly.

Who can practise lymphatic drainage using the Renata França® method?

As always, I would remind you that it is essential to check that the practitioner who promises you a Renata França® certified treatment is listed on the one and only website that lists practitioners who have received the ONE and ONLY certification training. You can search by country, region or even enter the name of the person directly.

How many sessions during pregnancy?

As the body is already under particular strain during pregnancy, I always recommend taking your feelings into account, and above all starting lymphatic drainage as early as possible to prevent oedema setting in.

As far as frequency is concerned, this can vary from one session every 2 weeks to one session per trimester of pregnancy, or even one session per month. This frequency will be determined during the first session with your well-being practitioner.

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