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"Mens sana in corpore sano" (= a healthy mind in a healthy body)
The way you eat, how you treat your body and your mind are closely linked to the overall well-being of an individual. I understood it through my various apprenticeships, my experience and my experience.
Today I help people who trust me to operate a great cleaning in them.

The cleaning of certain physiological blockages through the lymphatic drainage certified manual Renata França© method,   cell cleansing thanks to metamorphic care or even the re-harmonization of bodily energies thanks to the energetic massage of 12 tendino-muscular meridians.
I practice both in Marseille and in the Luberon (more precisely in the village of Robion).



Soleilo Wellness& Care 
Laura Puset

Elisa Azoum, Bordeaux

Pure relaxation and a great feeling of lightness!
I finally decided to try lymphatic drainage after hearing about all its benefits and I loved it from the first session with Laura!
The place is really warm, you feel really good and Laura is very professional and attentive. I will keep coming back as often as possible!

Sian Criscuolo, Marseilles

An excellent moment of well-being spent at Laura's hands in a subdued atmosphere. She is professional, gentle and knows how to put people at ease. And the result was amazing! I recommend +++ and will offer myself new sessions

Corine Battarel, Six-Fours les Plages

What a pleasure. Laura is not only very professional, but also kind, gentle and attentive to her patients. The Renata França drainage is amazing. I will definitely come back and enjoy the metamorphic treatment as well.
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