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Miracle Face: Enjoy a Renata França®-certified facial lymph drainage treatment in the Luberon region

The Renata França® Body Lymph Drainage method has already proved its worth. This technique treats the WHOLE BODY (legs, abdomen and arms), excluding the face. Today, however, I'm finally bringing you the technique that will treat excess water in the... FACE!

So here's a little focus on Miracle Face®, which is all about draining and reshaping the face.

Une femme entrain de recevoir un soin Miracle Face de la méthode Renata França ©
Drainage visage Luberon - Renata França® - Shutterstock dekazigzag ©

Miracle Face: strong action over a small surface area

During lymphatic drainage (RF method), 2 to 3 ganglion chains are pumped and stimulated throughout the treatment to activate lymph circulation. On the face, no less than 6 ganglion chains are spread over the face and neck.

Schéma du système lymphatique visage et corps
Système lymphatique visage & corps

This suggests that the face is the very epicentre of our water retention, which then gravitates to the upper and lower limbs.

The face drainage revolution in the Luberon

As with the lymphatic drainage of the Renata França® method, Miracle Face® differs from the classic drainage method thanks to 4 fundamental elements.

The 1st is the perpetual pumping of the ganglion chains (clusters of lymph nodes dedicated to filtering the lymph), in order to capture the liquids throughout the treatment.

The 2nd is the direction of the movements, which will start from the nearest ganglion to the furthest. This is a way of unblocking the vessels in stages.

The 3rd is the pressure of the movements, which, although gentler on the face than on the body, remains sustained in order to engage the blood circuit as well as the lymphatic circuit.

Finally, the 4th is the rhythm, which will shake up the lymphatic system, which is naturally slow and stagnant.

Want to brighten your complexion and clear your face ?

The benefits of Miracle Face (Renata França® method facial lymph drainage)

As with lymphatic drainage for the body, Miracle Face® (drainage visage luberon) acts on 3 aspects: well-being, therapeutic and aesthetic.


As with drainage, Miracle Face® activates the lymphatic system using dynamic, meticulous pumping and sliding movements. Lymph is a stagnant liquid rich in white blood cells, as well as waste products and toxins waiting to be eliminated by natural drainage channels (urine, faeces, perspiration, etc.).

This activation naturally detoxifies and unclogs the face, but also increases the supply of oxygen to the tissues. By extension, this will improve skin healing and nourish the collagen cells responsible for the elasticity and healthy ageing of your skin.


Receiving facial lymphatic drainage (with me at Flow in the Luberon) will reduce forehead oedema (which is not necessarily visible to the naked eye!) and help relieve chronic migraines and sinusitis. Thanks to the circular movements on the masseter (muscle that elevates the jaw), Miracle Face® helps reduce the effects of bruxism (the biggest symptom of stress), i.e. involuntary teeth grinding or clenching.

Face drainage will relieve TMJ disorders (temporomandibular arciulation).

Finally, Miralce Face®, as its name suggests, can relieve one of the most intense forms of pain in the world (according to a very serious classification), namely neuralgia of the face (trigeminal neuralgia). Provided the cause of the neuralgia is not infectious (20% of cases).


In Miracle Face®, after pure drainage comes remodelling. This is why this technique helps to shape, sculpt and redesign the face.

The immediate lifting effect of Miracle Face® is essentially due to the drainage of what are known as "false wrinkles", linked to natural "water stops". In other words, all the raised areas on our face that are perfect storage spaces for excess fluid.

On the face, there are 5 of these, from bottom to top: the chin (double chin), the outer edges of the nose (nasolabial fold wrinkles), the zygomatic arches (path of the valley of tears), the orbiculars (dark circles) and the arches (drooping eyelids).

In other words, all the dark circles and/or swelling and fine lines that appear in these areas are due to a reduction in collagen production (from the age of 27) BUT they are ALSO the result of a poor distribution of liquids in your tissues.

Miracle Face® will help to remedy all this!

Une femme entrain de recevoir un drainage visage Luberon
Miracle Face - Renata França® - Shutterstock dekazigzag ©

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