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What is the Renata França lymphatic drainage method?

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

The Renata França© method has taken classical lymphatic drainage (a manual massage technique that stimulates the lymphatic system to perform its cleansing functions normally) to the next level.

Renata França lymphatic drainage method

Having said that, what is Lymphatic Drainage by Renata França? A massage method developed in Brazil that promises far greater results, especially on the body's appearance, than the classic MLD.

Renata França : Sucess story of a Brazilian entrepreneur

The Renata França method was created in Brazil 20 years ago by Renata França herself. For the record, this now famous and accomplished entrepreneur comes from the slums. Her mother had serious financial problems and decided to open a massage parlour to survive. But at the time, in Brazil, massage was not considered a profession in its own right. In this country, where sex is the main focus, massage is seen as a rather "naughty" practice. And even though Renata's mother does not engage in this kind of practice, her activity suffers from this bad reputation.

To help her mother, Renata starts to perform massages herself. And following a compliment from one of her influential clients, she discovers a real potential and decides to do something bigger.

She was to revolutionise the world of massage in Brazil. In 2005, after several tests on multiple clients (more and more famous) Renata França will create a method that includes new types of manoeuvres, rhythms, pumping and pressure that produce more effective results than traditional massages.

The story begins.

In 2016, Renata França© founded the SPA Renata França through which she will travel all over Brazil to train young women ("wards") in her method.

Manual lymphatic drainage: the practice

It all started with a deep work on the lymphatic system, its circulation and drainage.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a technique known to physiotherapists, which consists of stimulating the circulation of the lymph.

The lymphatic network is a network that runs parallel to the blood network and provides filtration, nutrition and defence functions. The lymph nodes that litter this complex network are concentrated in several strategic areas of the body, notably the groin, abdomen, armpits, etc. They play a fundamental role in the filtration of lymph and, by extension, in the overall immune function of the person. The flow of lymph is naturally slow, which can cause real discomfort such as water retention, the formation of oedemas, sensations of heavy legs (and we are only talking about the lower part of the body).

It is on this basis of stimulating the lymphatic network and with the aim of reducing the negative effects of poor circulation that the Renata França© method will act.

With the help of firm pressure, an accelerated rhythm and pumping of the lymph nodes, as well as exclusive manoeuvres, the MLD by Renata França© will prove to be effective.

When learning the Renata França© Method, it is also possible to learn her Remodelling technique, which offers a "displacement of fat to the desired location" through manual massage. Or the "Miracle Face", a technique also based on precise movements on the face to reshape it.

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